• Chinese spring festival is coming soon.

    Chinese spring festival is coming soon. During this special moment, we express our sincere care to all of our customers. It’s an important festival for us to celebrate the new year of the traditional Chinese calendar. By taking this opportunity, we want to inform you that: During this time, you ...
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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Hello, Merry Christmas! This is GOODA company! 大家好,圣诞快乐!我们是国大科技公司! Aimee: To share our blessing and happiness, we made a Christmas video.            : 为了和大家分享祝福与喜悦,我们制作了一个圣诞视频。 Sara: In the end of 2020, we have overcome many difficulties and gained lot...
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  • Kids Banlance Bike in Hotsale

    Welcome to our website! We goanna bring you a kind of kids balance bike. Kids’ balance bike is originated from Europe, where almost every baby has its own balance bike. Parents choose the children’s balance bike mainly according to safety.      So the balance bike had better adopt meta...
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  • Interview with our Manager Aimee—share our conmay idea with you

    Interview with our Manager Aimee—share our conmay idea with you

    Welcome to our company website. Recently, we invited our manager Aimee to share some ideas with us.In this video, we will introduce you our company mainly business and the condition of bicycle trading and producing. For example, our company culture, basic principle and sales strategy. We contin...
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  • New conversion kit turns mountain bikes into electric snowmobiles

    As if mountain bikes are not universal enough, a new DIY conversion kit called Envo can turn mountain bikes into electric snowmobiles. Not that electric snow bikes are not the same thing-there are many powerful and well-equipped electric snow bikes out there. Now, Envo kits bring this technology ...
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  • Client Business Visit in Summer This Year

    Client Business Visit in Summer This Year

    This summer, bicycle orders surged. Our factory has been carrying out production work busily. A foreign customer from Argentina, who has lived in Shanghai for a long time, was commissioned by their national bicycle company to visit and inspect our company’s factory. During this inspection, ...
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  • The history of bicycle development

    I bring you a video to give you a brief understanding of the development history of bicycles. I hope this video can make you pay more attention to cycling. Bicycle is really convenient tools in many countries. GUODA bike comoany has been work in bike industry for long years. This year is a goo...
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  • GUODA Inc always on the way

    To improve our innovation ability, GUODA would take part in variable exhibition both in domestic and aboard. The prime aim of GUODA Inc. is going global. Thus, we have been active in participating global fairs in the past several years. Hoping that our excellent bicycles could be seen, at the sam...
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